We offer protective disinfection of surfaces and areas in the following areas:

  • office and other commercial premises
  • apartments, houses and other private buildings
  • production and storage facilities
  • gastronomy and accommodation
  • public transport
  • communal sphere
  • government
  • cars and trucks, taxi service cars

Our company:

  • performs disinfection in accordance with Act No. 258/2000 Coll., on the protection of public health, as amended (i.e. professional competence and valid trade license)
  • provides preventive treatment, continuous and focal disinfection by surface spraying
  • provides regular and one-time disinfection of surfaces
  • uses approved, professional, quality and proven biocidal products
  • uses its own modern technical equipment
  • holds a valid certificate of professional competence
  • treats each order with maximum responsibility
  • follows procedures protecting the health of the customer, his clients and the environment

The application methods are based on our technological equipment and formulation of biocidal products. Disinfection is performed by the following methods: hot aerosol (Thermo Fogger), cold aerosol (ULV method), spraying and electrostatic sprayer or a suitable combination of these methods.

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